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Commencement of bulk earthworks

Following receipt of all necessary approvals, Pask’s appointed civil contractor will mobilise to site to remove any existing structures and commence bulk earthworks.

Within this phase, machinery is used to shift large quantities of soil and rock, to enable the subsequent phases of the civil construction process to occur. To reduce waste, this material is often stockpiled and reused in the later phases.

Construction of sewer & drainage and installation of water & gas

Large trenches are excavated to allow for the installation of sewer and drainage infrastructure. These works generally connect into and extend trunk infrastructure from existing areas, to then enable the creation of individual connection points for all lots within the stage.

Following the installation of sewer and drainage infrastructure, water, recycled water, and gas (where applicable) services are installed.

Construction of roads, kerb, and channel

A foundation layer known as subgrade is placed to ensure the stability and durability of all roads within the stage.

This process is followed by the construction of kerb and channel – a structure located on both sides of the road, which will act as both a protective barrier and drainage system to manage stormwater flows.

Installation of electrical and communication infrastructure

Parallel to the newly completed kerb and channel, a trench is excavated to allow for the installation of electrical and communications conduits. This enables the installation of applicable cabling to follow, ensuring all lots are equipped for electrical and telecommunications services.

Construction of footpaths, asphalt to roads and topsoiling

With all underground infrastructure installed, footpaths are poured, and a final layer of asphalt is applied and sealed to all roads. Lots are then topsoiled to accord with finished surface levels, in line with approved engineering plans.

Construction completion and request for authority approvals

At the completion of civil construction, the municipal council undertake an assessment to confirm the completed works are in accordance with approved engineering designs for that stage.

Formal approval or ‘Practical Completion’ is required prior to Pask and its consultant team seeking final approval from the relevant service authorities (ie. Melbourne Water, Powercor/Jemena etc). Once all authority approvals are received, a final endorsement known as ‘Statement of Compliance’ is issued.

Title registration and settlements

The issuance of Statement of Compliance enables a certified Plan of Subdivision to be lodged with Land Victoria for assessment and approval.

This approval will result in the formal registration of all individual lot titles for the stage. At such time, we will issue correspondence to your legal representative with an accompanying request to schedule settlement.

Stage 1
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Title Registration:
Q2 2024 (Estimated)

Construction Phases

  • Authority Approval
  • Earthworks
  • Sewer & Drainage
  • Water & Gas
  • Subgrade
  • Kerb & Channel
  • Electrical & NBN
  • Footpaths & Asphalt
  • Construction Completion
  • Statement of Compliance
  • Titles & Plan Registration

Expected timeframes are provided as a guide only. Actual completion dates may vary due to market and weather conditions, availability of resources, delays in approvals or other factors.
Note – ‘% Complete’ relates to overall stage progress.

Construction Phases